Hello folks,

As the first post to our corporate blog, I would like to thank you all on behalf of the Aquarela Knowledge and Innovation, for your time spent visiting us and for following our Brazilian entrepreneurs initiative.

As entrepreneurs, information scientists and citizens, our goal is to bring easiness to subjects we work with, conveying valuable information about our products and services in a way that we can significantly contribute to the community in Brazil and abroad.

Our main areas of interest are:

  • Governance: business solutions, information management, corporate governance, methodologies for creative work and other topics that might enhance your business and knowledge alike.
  • Technology: materializing the subjects and theories discussed in the governance topics, there is a set of technologies and techniques that we cover ranging from infrastructure to functional programming languages, semantic Web (Web 3.0) Big Data and other innovation.

All in all, the knowledge that is being created and developed here will be classified by tags and categories. Enjoy the content and feel free to interact and share it.

Thanks for staying with us in this journey to the new generation of the internet.

Sincerely yours

What is Aquarela Advanced Analytics?

Aquarela Analytics is Brazilian pioneering company and reference in the application of Artificial Intelligence in industry and large companies. With the Vortx platform and DCIM methodology, it serves important global customers such as Embraer (aerospace & defence), Scania and Randon Group (automotive), Solar Br Coca-Cola (beverages), Hospital das Clínicas (healthcare), NTS-Brasil (oil & gas), Votorantim Energia (energy), among others.

Stay tuned following Aquarela’s Linkedin!

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