Structuring Projects

Structuring projects to increase analytical maturity.

Raise your organization’s analytical maturity level in record time and have more assertiveness in decisions with Aquarela’s know-how and methodologies.

Analytical structuring projects

According to the main business magazines, the analytical maturity or the level of analytical readiness of companies is one of the key factors for competitiveness, since managers increasingly depend on the talent of their teams, on the computational and methodological support to deal with data that, in turn, tend to grow in volume and complexity. To this end, Aquarela employs a multidisciplinary team with exclusive dedication to survey data sources, identify variables, interviews, process mapping and other steps necessary for a clear and objective action plan to make data innovations work.

How it works

The Structuring Project aims at a thorough assessment of the level of analytical maturity of the organization in three spheres: Technology, Processes and People. In it we raise the degree of maturity of your organization in face of the reality of existing technologies and data internally and externally with the necessary steps for the implementation and optimized usage of Business Intelligence tools, data lakes and Artificial Intelligence projects and Machine Learning. This work is done in constant interaction and partnership with the organization’s business and IT teams.

We have important customer references, such as: Hospital das Clínicas (HCFMUSP), Fras-le (Randon Group) and SolarBr/Coca-Cola.



Business impacts

  • Procedural and technological readiness for datalakes projects and Advanced Analytics and AI labs;
  • Organization for localizability, accessibility, interoperability and reuse of digital assets;
  • Optimized change plan for data-driven corporate governance;
  • Incorporation of the Analytical and AI mentality in different sectors;
  • Homogenization of data policies and controls.

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