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Challenge the “status quo” in your market in Industry 4.0 with smart, tailor-made solutions.

Digital Transformation with AI

The digital transformation has generated economic and social disruptions. In the business environment, processes, professions, products, services, technologies and business models have gone to major transformations. Adopting strategies for a quick insertion in Industry 4.0 is vital for the sustainability of the business.

Through our expertise in the execution of large projects in Artificial Intelligence and Analytics in the Brazilian industry, we develop customized projects according to the market and business context of each client, in harmony with their processes, internal data and our Aqualake (Aquarela’s exclusive market data).

How it works

We made a total immersion in business and market data, drawing a roadmap towards an effective insertion Industry 4.0. We promote training combining approaches from Design Thinking, Hackathon, Agile Methodologies and gamification with DCIM, Aquarela’s own methodology for the Introduction of Data Culture.

We developed an exclusive solution with great differentials, using our proprietary algorithms, data from our Aqualake and, of course, our vast expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Analytics, delivering high ROI. Among the customers who have been benefited from our solutions are: Embraer (aerospace), Randon Group (automotive), Solar Br Coca-Cola (food), Hospital das Clínicas (health), NTS-Brasil (oil and gas), Votorantim (energy), among others.

Discover one of our main solutions: Agro 4.0 



Sectoral impacts

  • Generation of competitive advantages of high impact in the sector of operation;
  • Materialization of industry 4.0 concepts in a short time;
  • Greater agility and assertiveness in digital transformation;
  • Increased data maturity and business analytical intelligence;
  • Technological updating of the teams through interactions in a multidisciplinary team with a high level of expertise in Industry 4.0;
  • High ROI.

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