Intelligent solutions.

We optimize processes by solving complex problems. With our product, methodology and algorithms, we have increased Analytics’ maturity levels and business competitiveness.

Digital Transformation

We carry out a full immersion in business and market data collaboratively, thus mapping a roadmap towards an effective insertion in industry 4.0

Sales (Cross/Up-selling)

Using the Scenario Discovery functionality on access logs, we have identified critical conversion factors and delivered an actions report with the objective of restructuring a conversion funnel.

Smart Stock

Through Swarm Intelligence, we have been able to anticipate demands, thus generating an intelligent inventory allocation. We optimize the operation including KPIs such as Shelf-life and portfolio profitability.

Electronic Fraud

Through Artificial Intelligence, we use the interactions and profiles of customers/users to provide an online solution that minimizes risk of fraud.


Analyzing the profiles of customers and the offer of services and/or products, we deliver a predictive solution, guaranteeing greater adherence of the offer and less absenteeism (no-show).

People Analytics

We performed a deep evaluation to understand the reciprocity link between purpose and engagement and, with our research, we analyzed the results using artificial intelligence. Finding out which points in this relationship need more attention, and which areas and positions are most likely to be turnover.

Public administration

We provide tools for efficiency of public management in the decision-making process through an online analytical dashboard of data trends and patterns. Applicable in strategic areas such as health, education and safety.


With Machine Learning techniques, we have identified critical factors for preventive and corrective maintenance. We have developed online panels that evaluate the condition of the equipment and suggest an optimal list of procedures for the prevention and/or resolution of the problem. We integrate via API and various IoT platforms.


Using Deep Analytics we are able to find churn patterns in your customer portfolio. We trace their profiles and segment them. Through machine learning, we have identified several scenarios in which churn is maximized and minimized, thus creating a real-time actionable recommendation tool.


Through the analysis of customer profiles, we deliver a prescriber system (recommendations) for the best delivery time of a product (customized at the granular level – CPF/CNPJ)

Credit recovery

Through Artificial Intelligence, we were able to optimize a sequence for debt collecting calls for profiles most likely to pay. Thus, we increased the ROI and various financial indicators.


Using public data and Artificial Intelligence, we develope taylor-made predictive models that aid in decision-making processes

Agro 4.0

Optimization of agricultural and livestock production. We increased profitability per hectare by analyzing various data sources including: soil, climate, crop, productivity, among others.


We develop an exclusive solution for your business. Using our proprietary algorithms and our expertise in artificial intelligence, we deliver high ROI and a roadmap to leverage the opportunities generated by Digital Transformation.

We revolutionize markets with our customers.

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