Smart products.

We offer Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics focused on business optimization, assisting large scale companies (various sectors) at different levels of analytical maturity.

Global companies benefit from the incorporation of exclusive Brazilian data and business rules that allow faster and more precise business estrategies for the Brazilian market.

Aquarela Strategy

Impact your industry using strategic information such as: retail prices, geographic points for investment, expansion, M&A, market share and smart dossiers generated by artificial and collective intelligence.

Aquarela Tactics

Define dynamic pricing strategies, inventory management, sales performance and product demand forecasting, through Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics.

Aquarela SAM (Smart Asset Management)

Invest in the intelligent management of tangible assets and improve the operational efficiency of your company, identifying important factors, dependents for preventive and corrective maintenance through operating data using Artificial Intelligence.  

With our methodology and Vortx Platform, we enable transformations in large businesses and customers, such as:

Global clients:

Other clients:


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