Maintenance 4.0

Intelligent asset management and maintenance process optimization.

Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance

Maintenance is fundamental to the health of production assets, increasing safety and extending equipment life. On the other hand, unnecessary maintenance, bottlenecks and costly maintenance processes increase costs and decrease productivity. With Aquarela’s AI it is possible to improve operational efficiency, reducing the costs of unnecessary maintenance.


The VORTX platform identifies the critical factors for preventive and corrective maintenance from operation and IoT data, using Machine Learning techniques. Through online panels, the status of the equipment is monitored in real time and troubleshooting procedures are recommended, generating an optimized list of procedures for the prevention of failures.

We reduced maintenance costs by 29% (millions in savings) and increased the efficiency in identifying risks of Embraer’s assets by 18%. In addition to generating dozens of insights that optimized the maintenance process.

Business impact:

  • Failure prevention;
  • Optimization of the maintenance process, avoiding unnecessary maintenance;
  • Increased security;
  • Reduction of maintenance costs;
  • Higher productivity;
  • Ready to optimize your business with Artificial Intelligence.


Ready to optimize your business with Artificial Intelligence?