Combining artificial and collective intelligence to generate Expanded Intelligence. The DCIM methodology (Data Culture Introduction / Intensive Methodology) is part of our consultancy program and a corestone in the process of structuring and understanding advanced data analytics projects. 

We gather the brightest people and best technology to create an intelligence that surprises.

Its goal is to combine collective and artificial intelligence to generate an Expanded Intelligence. DCIM methodology is the methodological corestone of Aquarela’s business success in consulting programs for its customers.

Based on more than a decade of Artificial Intelligence and Analytics projects, DCIM brings the state-of-the-art method to transform the way of thinking and using data within companies, increasing the competitiveness, efficiency and intelligence of teams and changing paradigms to meet the demands for intelligence and knowledge of companies.


DCIM methodology

How does it work?

DCIM has 5 different levels of analytical maturity to better describe and understand the current stage of each customer. For each level there are strategic plans of actions to increase the level in the shortest time as possible.

The assessment takes into consideration internal processes, technological tools, soft and hard skills available within the organizations, Recommendations are proposed with tailored actions. 

Organizations tend to have various different realities in terms of data maturity levels according to each business area. For example, it is possible to have a highly mature HR team, whereas the sales team has not yet absorbed a data culture yet. 

The plan of actions towards a refined analytics maturity consists of several actions depending on the objectives such as: the elements for the creation of the data office and establishment of policies and organizational guidelines to support elements; the definition of cultural intervention actions for acclimating the data culture at all organizational levels; and the plan for the training and personal assessment program for the empowerment of employees with Data Driven techniques and tools. 


5 different levels of analytical maturity


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