Smart Stock | OTIF

Intelligent AI-powered inventory management.

On Time In Full Advanced Analytics

Optimizing the transport and storage of products in distribution centers (CDs) is always a challenge, even for the teams of more experienced analysts who need to interpret hundreds of variables for each SKU. In situations of thousands of SKUs and CDs in different territories, together with market uncertainties, optimizing and using intelligence tools becomes a vital factor to increase competitiveness.


With the AI ​​of Aquarela, we perform a predictive demand analysis and recommend the intelligent allocation of stock, generating opportunities for gain with this transfer. We optimized inventory management, focusing on identifying opportunities to reduce the company’s low turnover loss provision.


Business impact:

  • Increased inventory turnover;
  • Automation and greater agility and accuracy in stock analysis and decision making;
  • Reduction of financial losses with provisioned inventory.

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