Map as the main sources of information relevant to your business and intelligently classify the most strategic news for decision making.

Discover the market’s strategic information about your business sector.

Information is a key asset for all companies, but with the volume of news being produced daily, how can we ensure that the most relevant information is arriving for decision making, quickly and assertively, without overloading the intelligence teams?How to monitor market fluctuations and efficiently anticipate changes?


Vortx Streamliner is an automated Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence system that collects and curates strategic texts from predefined sources. Streamliner is capable of identifying complex contexts and translating them into a business vision.


  • Automatic collection of texts from the internet;
  • Autonomous identification of contexts;
  • Customized ranking (calculation) of the text company for different business units;
  • Ability to process texts in natural language in a robust and comprehensive way;
  • Information / news (acquisition and classification in categories) for different business units;
  • Assistance to salespeople in negotiating and making strategic decisions with the increase of relevant information.

Business impact:

  • Reduction of the time between the occurrence of a relevant fact and the taking of strategic decisions;
  • Facilitation of training and knowledge sharing;
  • Increased probability of success for non-sales funnel campaigns due to optimized information filtering;
  • Reduction of workload in automated information gathering tasks;
  • Analysis of market sentiment in relation to the specialized brand on business sector.

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