Sales performance 4.0

Increase employee performance with personalized Artificial Intelligence recommendations.

Increase the intelligence of your business when evaluating employees immersed in hundreds of complex KPIs.

Sales Performance 4.0 is Aquarela’s People Analytics system that uses artificial intelligence to assess the performance of employees, recommending actions and training in order to improve the operational capacity of Sales teams.


The solution consists of an Intelligent classifier, capable of integrating historical data on the performance of employees, feedback information and training results to assess fairly and effectively the teams’ performance in different sectors of the company.

The solution combines powerful algorithms of the Vortx Platform together with the 9-in-box methodology, which, in addition to evaluating, provides personalized recommendations for actions and training capable of improving the performance of selected employees, according to their function and sector

Some of the areas  that can be benefit:

  • Commercial: in the performance of its sales teams;
  • Expedition: in the evaluation of logistical KPIs;
  • Purchasing: in the performance of its traders and buyers;

Business impact:

  • Increase sales by improving the performance of the commercial agent;
  • Performance evaluation of hundreds of employees;
  • Personalized training recommendations;
  • Assistance in the development of succession and recruitment policies;
  • I.A of the Vortx Platform associated with the 9-in-box Methodology.
  • Visualization of individual KPIs, by area, sector or employee;

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