Demand Forecast

Obtain demand forecasting integrated with corporate systems, promoting increased profitability and reducing losses, delivery disruption and revenue losses.

AI applied to demand forecasting

Aquarela Tactics’ Demand Predictor module is the ideal solution for discovering markets, planning and monitoring the demands for products in the market. As a great ally in S&OP (sales and operations planning), logistics, marketing and sales processes. The module uses a nationwide and exclusive retail database to forecast business opportunities and risks, indicating which markets are most promising and helping to organize the manufacture and distribution of products.



Using comprehensive nationwide  retail data enriched with Aquarela’s market business rules and technologies, the forecast module uses Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics to provide an intelligence cockpit capable of anticipating demand for products, reducing losses, disruption and revenue losses within the supply chain. With a daily update, this module allows fast updates in the most diverse regions of Brazil, with horizons of up to 18 months, presenting the results of potential risks and opportunities over time in an intuitive and dynamic way.

Business impact:

  • Assistance in the S&OP and S&OE process;
  • Decrease in waste with perishability (FIFO) rupture and waiver of revenue;
  • Real-time visualization of opportunities and threats.

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