Smart Assortment

Automated product mix to sell way more.

Customized sales with AI

The complexity generated by a high volume of SKUs, marketplaces and market volatility, makes it difficult to create comprehensive promotional actions. Our solution uses a surgical approach to attack by SKU / Client / Square and context, opportunities to increase sales through Artificial Intelligence in real time.



Using the historical data together with context-enriched data (dollar, macroeconomic situation and other indicators) our AI learns the buying behavior of its customers by anticipating their demands from the context, creating personalized recommendations improving UP-Selling (increasing the number of items) and Cross-Selling (adding other products to the order). With this, we expanded the customer’s order intelligently, favoring products that need to be disposed while increasing the Marketing Share (greater presence in the shops).


Business impact:

  • Increase in revenue;
  • Maximization of the customer’s purchasing potential;
  • Reduction of product disruption;
  • Product loss reduction;
  • Optimization of sales and marketing strategies by region (precise marketing);
  • Direct impact on EBIDTA.

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