Aquarela Tactics

Define dynamic pricing strategies, inventory management, sales performance and product demand forecasting, through Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics.

AI applied to optimize processes

Aquarela Tactics brings the best of Industry 4.0 concepts directly to companies, facilitating the implementation of tactical / strategic management goals. The power of Advanced Analytics allows data-driven decision making with a focus on optimization, digitization and measurement of indicators to increase competitive business intelligence. Tactics’ intelligence anticipates opportunities and reveals latent risks, helping companies to position themselves in ever changing market scenarios.


Today’s data intensive culture is a competitive advantage, extracting strategic knowledge from large data volumes. Artificial Intelligence is able to take this a step further, revealing the best decision making scenarios in entirely different information workflows when compared to traditional management practices. Therefore, Aquarela Tactics’ modules combine Big-Data and AI to generate value in the different industry sectors, aiming to better allocate resources and optimize key processes, such as:

  • price optimization;
  • inventory management strategies;
  • sales performance;
  • demand forecast.
Aquarela Tactics


Aquarela Tactics consists of the following modules:

performance de vendas

Sales performance 4.0

Optimize the performance of your sales team from an integrative view connected to your HR.

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Smart Assortment

Automation and customization of promotional combos where price, place and promotion are taken to a new level with AI for your company’s products.

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smart pricing

Smart Pricing

Adopt smart pricing strategies for capturing the best result between sales volume and profit margin.

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Demand Forecast

Demand Forecast per SKU integrated to corporate systems, promoting increased profitability and reducing losses, disruption and revenue losses.

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