Expansion Geomarketing

Smarter investment IA-driven M&A decisions.

Expanding business from AI-driven recommendations.

 To expand the business, whether organically, merger or acquisition, an in-depth study of the data for each market is mandatory. The integration and reliability of the data may be low, jeopardizing the growth strategy as a whole.



With its extensive experience in Advanced Analytics, Aquarela has developed a Geo-Expansion market intelligence module that allows managers to have AI-driven recommendations for geographic points for investment, market share estimation and other trend information that can take into account contextual data over 500 variables, including integration with your own business data.

Business impact:

  • Investment decisions based on IA-drien recommendations;
  • Validation of business hypotheses in a few clicks;
  • Decision makers’ autonomy to explore different strategic scenarios;
  • Assistance of Artificial Intelligence to find strategic points;
  • Synthesizing information with statistical validity;
  • Better positioning vis-à-vis the market.

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