Aquarela Strategy

Impact your industry using strategic information such as: retail prices, geographic points for investment, expansion, M&A, market share and smart dossiers generated by artificial and collective intelligence.

Looking for market share gains, digital expansion and business growth?

Aquarela Strategy applies the best of Artificial Intelligence to boost the strategy of companies and assist in data-driven decision making. Using the power of Advanced Analytics, Aquarela Strategy modules help outline paths of success, extract knowledge from Aquarela’s exclusive market data, map business opportunities and offer a competitive advantage to always be ahead in the market.

Global companies benefit from the incorporation of exclusive Brazilian market data and business rules that allow faster and more precise nationwide business strategies.




Strategic decisions, especially in the long run,  are complex and have strong business impact. Having the right information at the right time is essential for great business results. By combining Artificial Intelligence with Collective Intelligence, Aquarela Strategy’s modules make use of exclusive organized market data for optimum  machine learning training and decision making. The goal is to impact the industry sector in which our customer operates. 

Aquarela Strategy


Aquarela Strategy consists of two modules. 

geomarketing de expansão

Expansion geomarketing

Investments decisions, M&A based on data-driven recommendations in an interactive and georeferenced interface.

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Map business information sources (various languages) that are relevant to your industry. ​Streamliner’s AI intelligently classifies the most strategic news according to your expansion, sales or market penetration strategy.

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