Aquarela SAM – Smart Asset Management 

Invest in the intelligent management of tangible assets and improve the operational efficiency of your company, identifying important factors, dependents for preventive and corrective maintenance through operating data using Artificial Intelligence.

Intelligent asset management

With the arrival of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), the production system gained new characteristics, telemetry is now accompanied by the Internet of Things (IoT) and how production lines and equipment generate a high volume of daily data (Big Data). As a result, Asset Management has an increasingly strategic role in serving its internal customers. With this versatility and intense application of technology, being productive becomes “doing more, with less”.

Aquarela Smart Asset Management (SAM) is an ally in asset monitoring, labor allocation, backlogs management and all elements associated with maintenance planning and control (PCM), costs and operational costs to translate efficient tactical objectives into actions.


Empowered with the most advanced techniques of Advanced Analytics and AI from Aquarela, SAM operates in the Management of Tangible Assets and contemplates aspects related to predictive and prescriptive maintenance, as well as the costs associated with the processes of scheduled corrective maintenance, emergency and preventive maintenance (included major stops), planning and scheduling the allocation of related labor.  Some application scenarios for the S.A.M include: monitoring of rotating machines, industrial air conditioners and Oil & Gas pipelines


Aquarela SAM


Aquarela SAM consists of the following modules: 


Receive alerts of critical operating situations and prevent catastrophic failures of air conditioners and industrial equipment.

Smart Search

Look for characteristics, dimensions and physicochemical properties, as well as the history of IoT operations, in a visual, intuitive and contextualized way. It becomes the  of your maintenance operation.

Smart NCC

Save thousands of dollars and anticipate cracks and failures in ducts and joints.

Knowledge Base Map

Data at your fingertips presenting knowledge of your assets and the most critical operating KPIs on one screen, ensuring knowledge management, succession and smooth continuity of operations.

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