We are pioneers in Advanced Analytics in Brazil.

We play a fundamental role in the Digital Transformation process of Brazilian companies towards Industry 4.0.

We apply Artificial Intelligence from conception to the commercialization and distribution of products and services on a large scale. This is our passion, that’s why we founded Aquarela. Today we serve large enterprises such as Embraer (aerospace), Randon Group (automotive), Solar Br Coca-Cola (food), Hospital das Clínicas (health), NTS-Brazil (oil and gas), Votorantim (energy), among others. 

Our competitive advantage resides on the following elements:

  • Vortx analytical platform;
  • DCIM Methodology (Data Culture Introduction / Intensive Methodology);
  • Aqualake with exclusive and reliable market data;
  • A team of outliers. 

 Data Intelligence that surprises, Data Analytics that reveals.

Testimonials from our clients:


“Any other AI supplier would have supply delivered and fullfiled the contract without actually solving the real data problem”

Rodrigo Pessoa – Data Scientist.


“I am delighted by the way that Aquarela is conducting this project and I´m not the only saying this one within our company”. Pedro Géa

“They are finishing this project perfectly on time, it scares us so we have to keep the same pace”. Ramon Loback


Embraer - logo

 “This project became a reference within the Digital/Embraer sector”. 

Tainan Iago dos Santos

Our clients:

Global clients:

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Find out how the future of AI can be the present of your organization.

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