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Advanced Analytics solutions for great industry challenges.

Combining data-driven methodology, artificial intelligence algorithms and exclusive market data to deliver solutions to various businesses ranging from retail to aerospace industry.

Aquarela Strategy

Aquarela Strategy

Impact your industry using strategic information such as: retail prices, geographic points of interest for investment, expansion, M&A, market share and smart reports generated by artificial and collective intelligence.  Learn more.


Aquarela Tactics

Define dynamic pricing strategies, inventory management, sales performance and product demand forecasting, through Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics. Learn more.


Aquarela SAM

Invest in the intelligent management of tangible assets and improve the operational efficiency of your company, identifying important factors, dependents for preventive and corrective maintenance through operating data using AI. Learn more.

Aquarela SAM


Prevent your operation from failures and sudden stops of your HVAC  equipment with Artificial Intelligence. Meet Smartvac. Learn more.



Increase your business competitiveness in Industry 4.0 with tailored smart solutions. Learn more.

Structuring projects

Structuring projects to increase analytical maturity. Learn more.

Analytics and AI services.

We offer a comprehensive set of highly developed services to assist our clients in structuring their analytics projects. Learn more.


Plataforma Vortx

Vortx Plataform

The Vortx platform and the DCIM (Data Culture Introduction / Intensive Management) methodology, both developed by Aquarela, incorporate over 11 years of R&D with a focus on generating intelligent systems tailored for clients such as: Embraer, BRF, Randon, SolarBr/Coca-Cola and others.

Testimonials from our clients

“Any other AI supplier would have supply delivered and fullfiled the contract without actually solving the real data problem”

Rodrigo Pessoa – Data Scientist.


Embraer - logo

 “This project became a reference within the Digital/Embraer sector”. 

Tainan Iago dos Santos

“I am delighted by the way that Aquarela is conducting this project and I´m not the only saying this one within our company”. Pedro Géa

“They are finishing this project perfectly on time, it scares us so we have to keep the same pace”. Ramon Loback


Our success cases

Aquarela Case - Aftermarket
Dynamic Pricing in the Private Education Business

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Understand how our Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions work within the business.

We revolutionize markets along with our customers.

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